Do Voicemails Really Work?

Easy-way-to-Set-up-Voicemail-on-iPhone-5SThis week’s edition of “Ask the Sales Manager” is about the ongoing question, “do voicemails really work?” The answer is a definite maybe.

Why maybe? Well, it’s all about WHAT you leave on the voicemail. If your voicemail is too vague, chances are you’re not going to get a call back. If it’s too long, it’s probably not going to get listened to. But if it’s just right (does this sound like an old children’s fable?), you have a really good chance of getting a call back.


What are Some of the Best Ways to Grow Your Dealership’s Fan Base Internally?

8953485-empty-chalkboard-for-your-text2014 was the final year for dealerships to get caught up on the social media front; if you haven’t taken hold of your dealership’s online reputation by now, you are officially behind. The days of “we’ll get ‘em next year” are gone and you’ll be scrambling to keep your head above water.

Over the past year we’ve seen many dealerships take on the task of growing their fan base internally.  Just as they’ve built their business to be successful, they are putting equal efforts behind their social


You Know What They Say About Assuming

you-know-what-they-sayOver the past three and a half years, I have been exposed to my fair share of sales hoopla. As someone who doesn’t work in sales day in and day out, I am blessed with an objective perspective when it comes to judging the qualities that make for a great salesperson. The one quality I have seen among all successful salespeople within our company is their general lack of assumptions.

We’ve all been on the poor end of an avoidable situation if it weren’t for those pesky