You Sell More When You Want It, Not When You Need It

challenge-your-best-sales-personAny great salesperson will tell you that there’s a big difference between wanting business and needing business. Of course, all sales teams have goals to meet and we all understand the pressure that accompanies a poor sales month. However, if you can get your team into a “want it” versus “need it” mentality, you will begin seeing more consistent and reliable sales.

Ever notice how your contracts vary in conditions when you NEED to get them in? When it gets down to the wire your salespeople are suddenly offering discounts where they


Wishing You a Safe and Happy Fourth

pic2Summer is here in St. Louis! In a few short days, we will watch the fireworks and listen to our favorite bands in Forest Park. Some of us will even light up our own sparklers while humming Katy Perry’s ‘Fireworks’. Wherever you find yourself on the 4th, Abstrakt Marketing Group wants to wish you a safe and fun Independence Day! Since the Fourth of July is on a Saturday this year, many companies are giving their employees either Friday or Monday off. Abstrakt is one of these companies!

In observance of the


Social Media Reputation Management: It’s About So Much More Than Reviews

brands_online_reputationWhen we hear someone talk about “Reputation Management” as it pertains to social media, our minds instantly think “reviews.” And although reviews make up a major portion of managing one’s online reputation, that’s only one piece of the very large puzzle.

For businesses, social media is an outlet used to develop your message, a way to strengthen the voice of your brand. Before your company just jumps into using social media platforms because it’s a “necessary” marketing tool, establish your goals. What will you use social media to accomplish? Will you use