How Much Do You Know About Qualifying Sales Leads?

shutterstock_127764161Lead qualification isn’t the same ol’ game that it was twenty years ago. Sure, the fundamentals remain the same, but the integration of the internet into everyday business processes has significantly altered how we determine which leads receive our attention and which ones are a waste of time.

One of the most difficult concepts to grasp in sales is that not every lead is worth your max effort. It’s when salespeople get overly excited early on about the prospect of a potential sale that they fail to consider how that sale


Inside Infographic Design

Over the years there have been countless design trends that have made their way in and out of our creative department. However, infographics are one trend that’s here to stay.

We’ve been integrating the essential pieces of infographics into our designs for years – pie charts and bar graphs are nothing new. But through creative design, infographics make simple concepts pop; essentially eye-candy for us everyday data lovers. Companies of all sizes have taken to using infographics to educate their audience and build their brands. Because they are so prevalent in today’s digital space, knowing the do’s and don’ts of infographic


Following the Fusionetics Campaign Redesign

One of our most recent design projects came to us from Fusionetics, a company that offers a personalized system designed to test, analyze and improve human movement and optimize performance for every body. Fusionetics is the Human Performance Company. Their mission is to help people TAP into their human performance potential through a proprietary Test, Analyze and Program solution.

Their previous designs had served Fusionetics well in years prior, but it was time for a new look and feel. Abstrakt’s creative department kicked off the campaign with a trifold brochure redesign for their youth sports division. In partnership with Northside Hospital