Recapping the Week [8/11-8/15]

Opportunities are abundant on LinkedIn, do you stand out?

LinkedIn is the number one professional social networking site in today’s market. Users range from business professionals to college students.  Today’s world is all about who you know and LinkedIn can help you drastically improve your professional network.  Aside from building connections, LinkedIn is the ideal resource for job searching. The opportunities that LinkedIn presents to its users are endless, but the question is, are you using them to your advantage? Here are a few tips to make sure you are setting yourself up for success: Read more


Back to Basics: How can the 4 P’s of Marketing Help You?


Businesses are beginning to face new issues on a daily basis. The fierce competition has led to a cutthroat environment where every day is a fight to survive. In order to grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors, your brand must stay relevant. Relevancy is not an easy objective to achieve.  One of the basic marketing concepts, like the 4 P’s, is a good place to begin your refining.

Product. Begin by taking a look at your products. Are they new? Are they outdated? Do people have a use


S.M.A.R.T. goals can be stepping stones to success. How do yours measure up?


 All companies strive to grow, what sets them apart is how they choose to get there. There are many obstacles that must be overcome before a business can be profitable.  These intermediary goals are the meat and potatoes of doing business. Setting goals will allow you to achieve the growth you desire. There are many things to keep in mind when determining what the smaller goals should be, but the main point to remember is to keep your goals SMART.

S- Specific. A good goal will be specific in what it