To Those of You Who Think Social Media is Ineffective When It Comes to Sales, You’re Wrong

youre-doing-it-wrongYou may think that we’d have moved past the days of people claiming that social media is a fad or trend, past the claims that social media has zero impact on sales, but unfortunately, we have not.  One of the number one arguments we encounter with potential social media clients is their belief that social media is ineffective when it comes to sales. To those that make such claims I ask you this: are email and direct mail campaigns ineffective when it comes to sales as


Why Your Catchy Headline Doesn’t Mean Jack if There’s Nothing Below the Surface

nothing below the surface

Have you ever seen someone from afar and thought to yourself, “They have to be one interesting individual.” Normally it’s something about their appearance that helps you come to this predetermined opinion of them. Maybe they’re rocking a spot-on intellectual hipster look or the way they carry themselves just exudes confidence. Either way, they’ve got that “it” factor. Then you sit down to engage in that intellectual conversation that you know is just going to rock your world only to find that the


Increase Sales by Creating Charisma

charismaWhen we think of charisma we often assume it’s a trait or quality that you’re either born with or you aren’t. It’s the one characteristic that everyone wants their salespeople to possess, but many don’t. We have some news for you: what you have come to know about charisma is a myth. Does it come easier to some individuals over others? Yes.  However, it is also a skill that can be developed and sharpened over time.

Earlier this year, The Art of Charm produced an insightful podcast