Service After the Sale

serviceafterthesaleYou just closed your biggest deal of the year, your current customers are all doing great and you’re right on pace to hit Quota Club this year. Then you get the email: one of your biggest customers just put in a cancellation of their contract and your year is shattered. You immediately jump on a call and try to “save” the customer, but it’s too late: they proceed to tell you how your company’s customer service was unresponsive, you didn’t fulfill your promises and basically they


Let Your Marketing Enhance the Sales Process, Not Slow It Down

6a0133ec87bd6d970b0162fc08ad6d970dIf you were to ask the average Joe salesperson what they think of their marketing department you’re likely to get one of two answers, “they help me” or “they’re in my way.” It’s no secret that marketing and sales departments aren’t always on the same page, but their end goals are the same – grow the company’s business.

The number one goal of the marketing department is to drive in leads for the sales team as well as assess the quality of the leads that do come


Social Media Success is More Than the Response

socialMediaCustomerService_v1.1When we think of what it takes to be a successful brand in the social-sphere, it usually comes down to response time. In the eyes of your customers, the longer you take, the less you care about their problem. However, we know that there is something even more important than the speed of the response, and that’s the speed of the resolution.

Any ol’ Joe can throw their customer an insincere apology and call it good because they responded to the complaint within moments, but that doesn’t