What’s Wrong with your Automotive Promotion?


The automotive industry is one of that is full of competitors. Everywhere you turn there are car dealerships. I’m sure just one trip down a popular highway and you see 10 or more dealers. In an industry as tightly packed as this one, you need something to set you apart. Every one of your competitors will be sending prospective customers in their market different types of promotions and marketing tools in order to stir up business. People will see these on a daily basis and get tired of receiving them.


Keys to Cold Calling Success


Generating leads is one of the toughest parts of the sales process. Where will you find them? How will you connect with them? What will you say? These are the questions you’re probably asking yourself. Although tough, generating leads is a necessity to growing any business.  More prospects lead to more sales, which leads to more growth in your business. Cold calling is one strategy that will work to help you generate the leads you need. Some people are too scared to try cold calling, but when done correctly it


Knowledge is Power


Information is power and it’s especially powerful in an industry as competitive as sales. A salesperson will take any advantage they can get. Even a slight edge can make all the difference between making a sale and losing a prospect. This is so important to the sales process that Abstrakt has an entire step in its program dedicated to the concept.

We call this the cleansing phase. We realize the importance of what this step accomplishes and we take it very seriously. We know that all the information that is gathered