Developing a Successful Call Structure

  • call structureIntroduction
  • WOW statement
  • Questions
  • Bridging Statements
  • Assume the Appointment
  • Confirmation of all information discussed
  • Value Prop

The above mentioned bullet points are elements we’ve all heard as we either enter a new sales role, or are managing others in their sales roles.  In diving into each of these bullets, the following information provide a comprehensive track to run on; no reinvention of the wheel required:

Even with the gate keeper, a solid introduction, wow statement and value prop statement are required.  Show your personality, positive intention and ability to help clearly on every


A Guide to Forming the Perfect Business Growth Partnership

bigstock-Win-Win-Puzzle-Concept-45150766The first question you may be asking yourself is, “what is a business growth partnership?” Not every company has the time, knowledge or resources to effectively grow their business. In fact, many businesses turn to business growth experts to take on the task for them.  So let’s say that hypothetically you are one of those companies on the search for the perfect business growth partner. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you to reference when considering your next partnership.

Find the Real-Life Experts. Unfortunately, we


B2B Sales: Converse, Don’t Carry-On

sales conversationsA common issue among salespeople is their desire to carry on a conversation that could have been wrapped up in half the time. Playing devil’s advocate, it’s also one of their best personality traits. Successful salespeople can talk to anyone about anything and usually use those seemingly random conversations as a tie-in to their pitch. However, time is money and there are several strategies that you can implement that will cut down conversation times without compromising quality.

Have respect for your schedule and theirs. Just as