Happy Thanksgiving from AMG

In the spirit of giving thanks, know that we are most thankful for our clients, vendors and partners who give us the chance to do what we love. Additionally, we have to thank our amazing friends and family who stand by us through thick and thin – we’re closed Thursday and Friday to spend some quality time with them.

You’ll find us back in the office on Monday after all that tryptophan wears off!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

healthy eating holidaysI think that’s an oxymoron: how to eat healthy during the holidays. Is it possible? Well, not for most – but IF you have some pretty good will power, it is possible to not eat so badly during the holidays. The problem isn’t really the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s), it’s the month and a half that the three holidays span over. Everyone seems to justify eating badly starting the week of Thanksgiving, which luckily is a little later this year, all the


2014: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

491257355_640As we roll into the holidays, a lot of people are already thinking of the year as being over. Unmet goals are chalked up as loses and the excuses have already started flowing. However, there are many of us that understand that it’s not over until it’s over and there are still plenty of weeks left to make major moves this year.

Its crunch time: we’re in the final minutes of the last quarter and every move we make matters. The question is, how do we make