It’s That Time of Year Again, Super Bowl…Ads!

In just a few short days we will all gather to watch the “big game,” Super Bowl Sunday – an unofficial national holiday. Sure, many of us will watch most of the game and cheer on one of the teams (Seahawks vs. Patriots for those of you who were still unaware), but the real attraction isn’t any of that…it’s the ads.

Since we now live in a world that advertises for its advertisements, several teaser ads have already been released which leaves us buzzing and speculating what else the top brands will bring to us during this annual event.

Well-known advertiser,


Blogging: Sharing vs. Spamming

blogging vs spammingAs part of your marketing strategy, blog producing and publishing has become a standard activity in your office – but  what happens after you hit that “publish” button? For most of us, sharing is the next obvious step. However, the obstacle that arises is deciphering between sharing and spamming, and the line between the two can be a very thin one.

Most importantly, you must understand what activities are considered to be “spamming” and avoid them. The following activities generally fall under the “spam” category:

  • Repeatedly

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Appointment Setting

appointment setting“Oh, how I just love appointment setting,” said no salesperson ever. The truth is, appointment setting is historically one of the most difficult aspects of the business development process, which also makes it one of the most detested activities among sales teams.

Unfortunately, no matter how difficult or unfavored the activity of appointment setting is among your sales team, it’s the initial process that leads to every sale. All new customers begin as prospects, and those prospects are most often introduced to your business in the