Increase Sales by Creating Charisma

charismaWhen we think of charisma we often assume it’s a trait or quality that you’re either born with or you aren’t. It’s the one characteristic that everyone wants their salespeople to possess, but many don’t. We have some news for you: what you have come to know about charisma is a myth. Does it come easier to some individuals over others? Yes.  However, it is also a skill that can be developed and sharpened over time.

Earlier this year, The Art of Charm produced an insightful podcast


What an Airport Shoe Shiner Taught Us about Success

Last week, as our President made his way back from a fun-filled week at Dreamforce, he encountered a man named Hung Wong at the San Francisco airport. His short interaction with Mr. Wong managed to shed some light on the topic of success and what it takes to get there. Here’s a recount of the story as told by Mr. Scully:

The set upIt was 6 AM in the San Francisco Airport and, as you can imagine, the looks on the faces of most passersby weren’t ones


Don’t Be Fooled, Email Isn’t Going Anywhere

email-marketingYear after year, we hear rumors spread about the downfall of email and it’s ineffectiveness in the B2B marketing space. Then, days later, we are all once again hit with the data that shows just the opposite. As always, email continues to evolve but even so, it remains the most effective lead generation strategy for the majority of B2B companies.

There are plenty of new messaging tools released into the market every year, but none of them give as much power to the user as email. From