[Infographic] What Makes a Successful Blog Design?

Outside of content, blog design is a common stress factor for marketers. Everyone is looking for the secret solution. What font size should I use? How long should my posts be? What font is the most appealing and which fonts will drive my readers away? For as many questions as you can muster, there are thousands of varying opinions. That being said, check out QuickSprout’s latest take on what makes for optimal blog design.



Why Salesforce is Ingrained into Our Process

When we speak with clients and prospective clients, they aren’t usually surprised to discover that we use Salesforce throughout our Pipeline business growth process; however, they are usually amazed at how deeply ingrained it is to our company as a whole. Salesforce is a wonderful, yet very complex tool. To set up an infrastructure as detailed as ours, years of development and training took place behind the scenes. You are probably wondering, “Why”?

Ingraining Salesforce in our Pipeline sales process allows us to effectively track and manage every aspect of our business, from team member activity and goals to tracking client


Why You Should Be Scheduling More Speaking Engagements

20141111_082030When you are drafting your marketing plan there are tons of activities and expenditures that you have to consider when it comes to deciding what will most effectively grow your business. Something that businesses often overlook or don’t give much consideration to is public speaking engagements. This week we had the honor of speaking at the St. Louis Regional Chamber’s, Connect at Breakfast series. It was a short and simple presentation that connected us to several businesses we hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting prior. Several