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The services that we offer to our clients consist of the same processes that we use at Abstrakt to grow our business.

"Grow within our customer's business and thus, our own"

We have been relying on Abstrakt the past year or so to set quality in person appointments with the key decision makers of local businesses we'd love to have as clients. They've happily taken the thankless job of telemarketing and made it so much more than cold calling... and appointments are just one result of their efforts. I now have better insight into my market's demographic & where my competition is concentrated. I once thought sales was an art... Abstrakt has proven that it is process, process, process. And theirs is one proven to work time and again.

I have been at Abstrakt for nearly 4 years now and find that the culture is better now than ever and the service that we deliver now is second to none. There is no company out there that can compete with the 360 degree marketing solution that we are providing. Everyone in the organization has bought in and is working every day to have success for our customers. Great place to work.

Abstrakt is a great partner in providing qualified leads to our sales force. They work with you to learn all about your company and what differentiates you from your competitors. They take time to train and educate their staff to become a knowledgeable force on the phone making calls to secure meetings for our team. They have allowed us to focus on meeting with great prospects instead of trying to schedule those meetings. With a dedicated account manager and monthly status meetings, they've become a great asset to our sales process.

Without question, the most well put together marketing service and group of individuals in the industry. You've tried the rest, now try the best! To date, we've had ROI of 600%+ and still have 3 months left on this cycle. We are getting laser targeted leads and they're facilitating unprecedented growth in our company. We've had to add field techs and internal staff to keep up with the curve!

I can't articulate enough positive feedback on the Sales Manager and his all star team!!!  Seriously, the best money we've spent to date on building the company. Within weeks of joining, the perpetual growth phase that we're in, started.

By all means, please contact me, directly, if you have any questions on their performance or product as they've changed the way we do business.

Tony Burkhart
President, Burkhart Communications

Abstrakt is growing quickly, which is obvious the moment you walk in its doors. If you cannot adapt to change, this isn't the place for you. But as a business growth and marketing firm, change is inevitable and kind of the point. The management and top levels executives care about the company and your place there. They want you to succeed.

There is a lot of emphasis placed on personality and personal development. Meaning, while work performance is obviously important, it's also crucial that you contribute to the overall work environment rather than hinder it. Negativity has no place at Abstrakt, which makes it enjoyable to return to each day!

Current Employee - Anonymous 

Want to work with one of the fastest growing marketing companies in the country?


These guys are professionals.  They clearly have the process of making appointments down to a science. 

Nathan Weddle
Former Employee 

 I was able to learn a great deal at Abstrakt, increase my knowledge, and improve my skills, making me a better sales person with increased strength in the sales process and effectiveness. 

Dom S.  
Current Employee - Anonymous 
Jilian B. 
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