The Week That Was in Abstrakt Blogs (12.19—12.23)…

Some Abstrakt blogs to read while enjoying some festive Google holiday doodlework…

Checking in on Social Media: It’s Kind of a Big Deal — You may’ve checked yourself into a store while holiday shopping this season. Learn how it benefited both you and the place of business. marketing st. louis

Celebrate the Abstrakt Way: A Holiday Party Recap — Holiday parties are always a blast. But how great was ours? Enough to get a mention on Media Bistro’s “Agency Spy” blog, that’s how great. High-fives to Erich Krause for the sick beats.

Personal Branding: It’s in the Feedback — Makeovers: they’re not just for cancelled ABC television shows. They’re for personal branding, too. What’s a good way to do it right? Try feedback.

B2B Sales: Why The Nurture Stage is So Important — In business-to-business sales, constant outreach and catering to your prospect list is key. In other words, get down to basics.

…and lastly…

The Best Abstrakt Videos of 2011 — From scoop to nuts, we’ve covered a lot of ground in our video blogs in 2011. We’ve selected a few just for you!

And that’s the week that was in Abstrakt blogs. For the rest of the week in social media, advertising and all things lead generation that’s fit to print, give the rest of our Abstrakt Marketing Group blogs a whirl.